Brief Introduction

The headquarters of Jiangsu Changshu Rural Commercial Bank Limited Company (hereinafter referred to as Changshu Rural Commercial Bank) is located in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, known as a land of plenty located in south of Yangzi River. It is a financial institution with a history of more than 60 years. In November 28th, 2001, this financial institution was reformed by Rural Credit Cooperative Association in Changshu City, so it is one of the three earliest joint-stock rural financial institutions in China.

 Since reformed, Changshu Rural Commercial Bank thoroughly applies the Scientific Outlook on Development, takes full advantages of legal-person bank system, makes a bold innovation and reform, and has flexible and steady operation. Changshu Rural Commercial Bank as main force of local finance strives to play a role, at the same time, devotes to explore the diversified road of development of cross-region. It is the first one to successfully introduce the strategic investors among the small and medium rural financial institutions from the whole nation; it is the first one out of the registration to carry out cross-region management; In September 30th, 2016, it successfully listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Changshu Bank, stock code 601128). Until Dec 31th, 2017,Changshu Rural Commercial Bank totally has 145 branches throughout the country, while 108 in local land in Changshu City, 37 in off-site. Meanwhile, it sets up 30 ‘xingfu’village banks and participates share in 6 rural financial institutions all around the country.

 Changshu Rural Commercial Bank keeps in mind the mission of rural financial reform, insists in serving for ‘Three Rural Issues’ and position setting of small and micro businesses, explore developmental road of differentiation and characteristics, and supports a large number of individual businesses to start their business, develop and grow up. So it named graciously as ‘bank of our own’ by majority of customers. It successively obtained financial services advanced unit as small business of financial institution of national banking in 2010, financial services advanced unite as small and micro businesses of financial institution of national banking in 2012 to 2015, ‘the most competitive rural commercial bank of the year’ with Gold Dragon Award of< Financial Times>, ‘innovation of the year award’ of China Banking Association (Citigroup) micro enterprise, and successively obtained financial services job advanced unit as small business of banking financial institution in Jiangsu Province from 2011 to 2014 in succession.

 Until Dec 31th, 2017, it has total assets of 145.9 billion Yuan, while total deposits and total loans are 99.0 billion Yuan and 74.9 billion Yuan. According to British< Banker> magazine published the rank of 1000 global banks in 2017, our bank ranks 559th in the international banking industry.

 On the future journey, Changshu Rural Commercial Bank will continue to put ‘rural finance leader’ as guidance, put ‘inclusive finance, responsible bank’ as mission, and adhere to ‘daring to take a risk, daring to try, daring to do’ as struggle spirit. Focus on small and medium, flexibility and efficiency, being daring and being first, and being moderate to go further. It will build up a modern retail bank whose customer is abundant, channel is diversified, management is sturdy, and staff is happy.

Corporate culture
· Our Enterprise vision: Rural financial leader
· Our Enterprise mission:   Inclusive finance  responsible bank
· Our core values:   Honesty and dedication  sharing and growth
· Our Enterprise spirit:   reflective optimism  Courageous innovation
· Our management idea:  Focus on small and medium  Flexible and efficient
· Our Development concept:  Dare to explore  Steady development
· Our management philosophy:  Compliance responsibility and keep improving
· Our Talent concept: all rivers run into sea   Employee first
· Our service notion:  mind the people's livelihood  customer’s first choice
Contact us
  • Address: No. 58 Xinshiji Dadao, Changshu, JiangSu, China
  • Zip code: 215500
  • Telephone: 0512-962000 / 4009 962000
  • Fax: 0512-52962000
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